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Managed IT - sourcing your computer needs through one dedicated organization -- is the decision many businesses are beginning to realize makes solid financial and logistical sense.

Voice Over IP

voice_iconAn ITuitive software system is everything that you don't expect from a proprietary IP-PBX but is truly affordable, very powerful and easy to install.

ITuitive has features that enable your business to run more effectively with fewer hassles, and it does this at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems.

Show a truly professional image without the high cost associated with proprietary phone systems. Do you want to be locked into a particular solution by the big telephone companies or would rather work with a company that is committed to providing you with a personal relationship and 100% satisfaction?

ITuitive includes many features only found on expensive corporate systems with expensive add-ons. These include a Digital Receptionist, Call Centers, Multi-level menus, e-Voicemail, Private Conference Rooms, Call-back and Least Cost Routing (LCR), ITuitive supports a universal VoIP standard (SIP), extensions can be located wherever there is access to the internet. So if your company has multiple locations or you simply want access to the office phone system from home this can save you big bucks!

ITuitive supports IP-Business Phones, Standard Phones, Analog Telephone Adaptors (ATA's) and Soft-Phones (Win.O/S).

VoIP-PBX.ca provides:

      • ·Staff and Reception training
      • ·Remote maintenance
      • ·Remote management
      • ·On-site Service
      • ·Consulting

Ethical Hacking(Security Penetration Testing)

 ethical_hackerTest the effectiveness of your network, host, application, architecture/design and source code security & privacy protection mechanism against common and advanced hacking attacks under a controlled environment:

        • ·Network Infrastructure Hacking
        • ·Host/Server Hacking Web Application Hacking
        • ·Network and Application Architecture and Design Review
        • ·Source Code Security Review

Ethical hacking continues to emerge as one of the most vital measures a business can take towards securing its resources. Sometimes referred to as penetration testing, intrusion testing or red teaming, ethical hacking involves a computer expert whose job it is to expose vulnerabilities in a system that a malicious hacker could exploit. By taking an aggressive approach to understanding system weaknesses, businesses can take an equally hard nosed approach to protecting themselves.

We take a methodical approach to summarily hacking your system and fortifying your defenses. We'll conduct a comprehensive assessment to ensure your systems can nullify a broad scope of attacks, including Trojans, viruses, data theft, denial of service and more.

That is why enlisting the professional services of ITuitive Business Technologies can make all the difference. Our ethical hacking  offers the professional services and strategies necessary to secure & harden your IT infrastructure; test the effectiveness of your IT security protection mechanism; review your security policies, process and procedures; and preserve the viability of your business processes and ensure your continuity. Our comprehensive protection and security services and solutions optimize the defense of your information technology resources and the safekeeping of your critical business assets.

Questions you should ask yourself:

      • ·Are you sure that you are fully protected against security threats such as: privacy intrusion, identity theft, viruses, snooping, sabotage and industrial spying from your competitors and business partners/associates?
      • ·Do you have an effective security & privacy protection mechanisms in place?

It’s a fact of life in a digital age and a wireless world that your critical business assets are more vulnerable to attacks from hacking than ever before. As the sophistication of malicious attacks and intrusions continues to evolve, you need to know that your information and assets are secure. As well, the need to establish the proper security countermeasures is crucial in order to protect your critical business assets and reassure your clients, shareholders, suppliers and business partners.

Software & Hardware Evaluation & Implementation

render of a five step software development processThe sheer amount of software and hardware that a business has to choose from to meet their needs can be overwhelming. ITuitive will help you better evaluate and determine if an off-the-shelf option or custom built solution is best. Furthermore, we'll install and configure your system, and provide the training necessary to get your staff up to speed. And we will identify the need for any IT, software or hardware that will help you achieve objectives that were not possible before, ITuitive will ensure you have everything you need to meet and exceed your goals.

Microsoft SharePoint

 microsoft-sharepoint-logoThe efficiency of an organization's networking infrastructure typically reflects how smoothly that organization functions as a whole. And that means moving beyond the sharing of simple Word documents and spreadsheets.

Allow ITuitive Business Technologies to introduce you to the benefits of Microsoft SharePoint, the most effective means to manage and share your company's information. Through Sharepoint's functional web-based approach and built-in search capabilities your teams communicate better, enjoy clear versioning of shared documents, improve file management and collaborative processes, all of which leads to a stronger, more efficient organization. With SharePoint, you and your staff save on the time administering business so you focus on spending the time building the business.

Managed Services

managed_itVarious challenges face companies trying to manage their I.T. environment:

          • ·Expenses: Hardware and some software costs have dropped but the costs of support, security, backup, mobile connectivity etc. have soared.
          • ·Disaster recovery: Growing needs to quickly recover re-provision and re-establish user access to complete desktop environments to ensure business continuity.
          • ·Competitive confidence: Technologically, are we keeping up with our competitors?
          • ·Can we move quickly enough? Is our information architecture able to support business growth?
          • ·How can we maintain an edge?
          • ·What is the solution to these issues?

Then consider...End to End IT Management

          • ·One Point of Responsibly - one Phone number
          • ·Scalable resources (Hardware, Support and Services)
          • ·One Monthly Bill for all IT infrastructure
          • ·Lower labour, and capital costs
          • ·Lower Cost of Operation (TCO)

                                                             Ituitive is offering Enterprise class I.T. to organizations that are looking to streamline their I.T. environment.

Workflow Audit

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-word-cloud-workflow-related-items-image34954074Work smarter, not harder - it's an adage that's readily accepted but rarely obeyed. By designing workflow procedures around your Information Technology you can maximize your efficiencies. With a proper workflow audit you can better determine what changes can have a direct impact on your operations while assessing how to better evolve your systems over the long-term.

As a sample, consider some of the issues that we commonly deal with:

          • ·Do you actually need 5 printers and 3 fax machines?
          • ·Are you still using all your hardware and software?
          • ·Why do people have to get up to get faxes when your mailroom can scan them and email them to people?
          • ·Why are people using different hardware and software?
          • ·Are there parallel tasks that could occur if technology could assist?
          • ·Are there any advantages to file, calendar and other group sharing?

                                                            Let ITuitive conduct a workflow audit and you'll have the answers you need to start making immediate improvements.

Self Promotion

self-promotion2Harnessing the web's reach to promote and sell your products or services is one of the great opportunities of the online world. But how to develop an e-commerce enabled site without investing tens of thousands of dollars is where strategic advantage is found.

ITuitive provides the talent and know-how to give your business a cost effective means of selling over the web. As online promotion is a key feature of getting your products seen and heard, we'll also help to boost your presence by ensuring your profile is listed with the most popular search engines.

FileMaker Design & Implementation

filemaker-logoAre you still using Microsoft Excel and Word to manage your business? If you find this tedious and unproductive, let us introduce you to Filemaker Pro. We take what you have and covert your work flow to a Database that is easy to navigate and search data, without opening multiple spreadsheets or documents.  All your information is readily available and can accommodate growth and new requirements easily.  Add pictures, go to the Web with your solution.  Give us a call and let us show you how your business can become more efficient and save you money.

IT Consulting

michigan-it-consultingIn many organizations the role of Chief Information Officer either does not exist or assigned to the person who knows the most about IT. Ituitive offers a service where we take on the role of the CIO on a needs basis, we assess your business reliance on IT and meet with the executives of your organization to plan and develop a strategy that specifically caters to aligning your technology to your business goals


The ITuitive Difference


All of our Engineers are multi-disciplined with decades of experience to draw upon to ensure our client have the access to the best resources to resolve the technical issues facing their organization.

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