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WE BELIEVE THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE, All of our Engineers are multi-disciplined with decades of experience to draw upon to ensure our client have the access to the best resources to resolve the technical issues facing their organization.

IT & Business Needs Assessment

business-needs-assessment-checklistFor as vital as email is to most businesses, ITuitive reminds you that it's important to select the type of email hosting and software that fits your business. Whether you choose to run your own email servers or simply opt for your email to be hosted offsite, proper implementation and execution remain vital. At ITuitive we offer both POP3 and IMAP4 Hosting with full Spam and virus filtering.

Information Technology Audit Assessment

 Technology-Assessment1As time goes on and your business grows, it's likely that your computers, systems and networks have been assembled on an 'as-needs' basis without much thought given to efficient planning. We can do a full assessment and audit of your hardware, operating systems, software, networks and peripherals to ensure compatibility, efficiency and room for growth. We have experience with Microsoft Audits and can assist should the need ever arise. Our tools help take the grunt work out of the process


Backup Overview

Difference-between-data-backup-and-data-archivingThe first thing you need to know is that data backups are a requirement and not an option. What is the impact to you or your organization if any one of the following occur, whether on your system or someone else’s in your office or on your server

·Hard Disk failure

·Accidental deletions

·Random file corruption

·Unit destruction (e.g. theft, fire…) including the destruction of local archives

There are many solutions out there that can be customized to meet your objectives. Tell us your situation and we can offer you solutions to mitigate your exposure in the likely hood of any of the above scenarios occurring.

Disaster Recovery Mitigation

 disasterrecoveryIt is remarkable how many companies fail to invest the time in protecting some of their most vital assets, especially when it involves Information Technology. At ITuitive we provide business continuity and disaster recovery planning to ensure you maintain the integrity of your business when unforeseen circumstances hit. Our efforts aim to minimize the downtime that could potentially cripple an organization that is ill-prepared.

Through a series of measures we can help to protect your data and software, and give you the peace of mind of knowing that you're properly prepared. From small issues like a defective hard drive through more major interruptions that could seriously compromise your workflow, our consultants will guide you through the many options available.

Support Overview

tech-supportFace it, the brave new world of technology is never as efficient as it portrays itself. Your systems require proper support, and that means having someone you can rely on to handle a multiplicity of computer, networking, emailing and systems-related issues.

With one call you have access to ITuitive Business Technology's comprehensive resources delivered by certified technicians and trained consultants. From server and network issues down to specific matters involving any platform, any equipment, and any problem no matter how complex, we're ready to respond. That means you can focus on running your business while we'll make sure your business keeps running.


 Discount-Pricing1We do not publish our rates or of the price of support packages we sell. We do offer reduced hourly rates for Non-Profit organizations, and different options for driving down the hourly rate. Please call us if you have any questions.

The ITuitive Difference


All of our Engineers are multi-disciplined with decades of experience to draw upon to ensure our client have the access to the best resources to resolve the technical issues facing their organization.

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